Shkodra Legends Of North Albania Tour

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Shkodra Legends Of North Albania Tour

Shkodra Legends Of North Albania Tour ideal for couples, families, youth and seniors tours and activities.
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Shkodra Legends Of North Albania Tour ideal for couples, families, youth and seniors tours and activities.

Activity duration: Full day

After meeting with the guide and driver you will depart for the tour today in Shkodra. Shkodra, also internationally known as Scutari and Skadar, is the largest city of the Northern Albania and administrative centre of the region. It is located surrounded by mountains on one side and on the shores of the largest lake in the Balkans on the other. The city was well known through history, since the time of the Illyrian kingdoms. Agron, Teuta and Gent had Shkodra (named Skodra by that time) as their capital.

Many other strongholds stood in the area but the Castle of Rozafa is the dominating one. The city lived through ages as always being an important city in the area for the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire and as well during the 20th century. Your journey starts with the famous Castle of Rozafa. The legend says that the wife of the younger brother of the three brothers that build the castle was sacrificed for the castle to build up strong but half of her body was left out of the wall to take care of her new born son. 

The Rozafa Castle was the most important stronghold of the Illyrian kingdoms of Ardians, located up the hill overlooking rivers Buna and Drin and the whole plain fields. After the visit of the city you will go in downtown Shkodra, in the main promenade, famous for a delightful walk for which Shkodra is known. During the walk you can see the main sights of Shkodra including the Democracy Square, the many fountains and monuments in the city, etc. The people of Shkodra are famous for their love for arts, starting with photography and you can experience it at the Marubi Phototheque, where besides numerous photographs depicting Albanian culture and social life, there is also the oldest photo of Albania coming from 1858. 

The Ebu Beker Mosque, the Orthodox Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral of Shkodra are as well good places to visit in Shkodra, as being one of the cities with the best combination of religions in Albania. Once you finished the visits in Shkodra you will have lunch in the oldest restaurant in the city, builded 200 years ago. After the tasteful lunch you will be transferred back in Tirana for the end of your jorney. 

Meeting/pick-up point: City Center, Tirana.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start/opening time: 8am.
-End/closing time: 4:15pm.
Languages: German, English, French and Italian.

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